New ‘smart’ school bus


By Bindu Rai

The new ‘smart’ school bus ready to be deployed by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) will come equipped with 14 security cameras, six of which will offer a 360-degree external view, along with panic buttons that will immediately alert authorities of an  emergency situation.

Other features include a PA system, four television screens that can show educational content; WiFi, of course, comes optional with that.

Unveiling the new school bus transport service that was announced by the RTA earlier this year, the authority also announced a smart mobile application will be launched as the new buses come into service, which will be designed exclusively for parents to track their child from the moment s/he boards the bus in the morning until they are dropped back home.

Announcing the development, Mansoor Alfalasi, Acting Director of the School Transportation Department at Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), RTA, also added that services can be tailor-made for individual schools, which can also include alert systems for parents when their child is exiting their classroom. More info