Abu Dhabi – A Royal City with Royal Life


Yes, it is true that if you are living in Abu Dhabi, you get to live a royal life. But the odds are low as living in Abu Dhabi is royal mostly only for emirates and citizens of UAE. However, many expatriates who relocate to Abu Dhabi for working and career have been successful too. It is a royal city simply because of it is home to many royal emirates families including the president. And being the nation’s capital city, it is a place for all government offices. There are many tourists who visit Abu Dhabi frequently off which many are diplomatic leaders and officials. It is oil rich country and gets most of the revenue from Oil Exports to most of other countries in the world. Tonnes of crude oil are exported every day to different parts of the world.

Many choose to live and working in Abu Dhabi because not only it offers high paying jobs but safest environment to live in too. People with families often prefer Abu Dhabi as a foreign location to work as the crime rate is almost zero. Thanks to stringent laws in the city influenced by royal family cultural and traditional values. Abu Dhabi preserves all the white collar management jobs to citizens of the nation restricting private firms to follow this as a rule. This makes difficult for expatriates who look for higher job positions. However, the pay grade in other positions is not bad either. Many people from Asian countries who prefer high paying jobs Abu Dhabi often attracts them.

Abu Dhabi is the closest city to Dubai and people residing in Abu Dhabi often visit Dubai as a weekend getaways. There are many exotic locations in and around the city like Jordan, Egypt and other famous locations that make way for amazing tourism for the residents of Abu Dhabi. The work culture of split shift allows workers here get a longer lunch breaks that they can enjoy with families at home. The 100% tax free salaries help many save good money for their future. Cars are very cheaper here and any one can afford a good car which adds to many plus points of living here. Fuel prices are very low and that can never be a worry here for anyone who frequently drives. Living in Abu Dhabi or anywhere in UAE can be easier and fun if you follow certain rules.

You should never get into argument with any locals, it is their country and they are proud about it. So never pass any bad comments to anyone or anything related to their nation of people. Always try to be nice to everyone and you will get nice treatment in return too. Respect their culture and try to learn their way of living which they appreciate. Driving in high ways may be little dangerous as there are no strict rules or law for driving. However, taking few lessons from local driving schools will be of great help to you.

Abu Dhabi surely is a nice place for anyone to live but it requires you to learn about things what and what not to do when you relocate there.