Al Tayer launches RTA employees Intranet System



H.E. Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has launched the portal of internal communication system (Intranet) at (; which is a new tool for internal communication and cooperation between RTA employees. The gateway enables sharing and exchanging of documents pertinent to the activities of all RTA employees.

Al Tayer stressed the importance of the intranet; which is the backbone of exchanging information and files as well as processing of transactions within the same Agency. It is being used at a large scale within the public and private sector entities. “Launching RTA intranet will enhance employees productivity, boost their inter-communication, support processes, maintain the corporate knowledge, nurture the culture of data sharing across the RTA, and save the time & effort needed for processing several jobs undertaken by employees” said Al Tayer.

The intranet has Activity Area at the homepage of the portal, and sites for the Chairman & Executive Director site, sectors & agencies, and departments. It also has sites for internal notices, knowledge management, RTA news, teams & projects, questionnaires, and search engines for capturing all data.

The second part provides 24 simple electronic processes for service provision templates such as the request for meeting the Chairman of the Board and Executive Director in the “Open Door” corner made for meeting with employees, as well as the services provided by Human Resources & Development Department, Marketing & Corporate Communication Dep’t and Administrative Services Dep’t.

Al Tayer further added that at the beginning of this year RTA launched the new portal of Dubai Metro (; which had been designed in the light of a comprehensive study about the way of planning for a journey on Dubai Metro. “The Guide starts by the planning process and identifying the nearest point to the starting & terminal point of the journey so as to identify the stations to be used. Accordingly the suitable means of travelling to the station will be established; be it by public buses, taxis or marine transport modes, and the arrival and departure timings of trains.

“The second step involves buying a ticket, and an introduction to the features of Nol card and Nol ticket along with the journey cost and how to work it out. It also includes the locations of buying Nol cards, recharging card balance or adding trips to Nol tickets. The third step is related to offering information about the services on board the various classes of the Metro carriages, areas designated for women and children, information about wireless internet (WiFI), special needs services in the metro cars, and the rules & regulations of using the metro.

“RTA has also launched the sound browser of RTA website to meet the requirements of visually-impaired individuals and enable them benefit from the services provided by the RTA; hence it became the first government entity in the Middle East to offer such type of services. Visually-impaired persons can browse the website and check the contents easily, regardless of the extent of optical disability. Launching this service underscores RTA’s attention to communicate with all spectrums of the community, particularly the disabled as they are integral part of the community. In the context of its strategy and social responsibility, RTA is always seeking to meet all the requirements of this important category, interact with them, and seek to integrate them with the community.

The website is receiving large number of hits and in 2009 visitors totaled 2 million, browsing around 16 million pages; reflecting a 177% increase compared to 2008.