Boys hit by school bus remain critical


By Ramola Talwar Badam

DUBAI // Instead of heading home to enjoy their summer holidays, the families of two boys hit by a school bus last week were holding vigil at their hospital bedside.

School Bus
School Bus

Shahroz Khan, a 13-year-old Pakistani, and Aslam Basha, a 10-year-old Indian, yesterday remained in the intensive care unit of Rashid Hospital, where nurses cleaned and dressed wounds on their heads and limbs.

Both students at Central School in Al Nahda area, the boys suffered internal bleeding and fractures to their hips and legs after the vehicle struck them as they were walking toward their bus in the car park of the school on June 21.

“Both the boys are still in the critical care unit and under constant observation,” a spokesman for Rashid Hospital said. “They will remain here until they stabilise completely and more surgery is required.”

The boys require constant medical attention and must stabilise before further surgery is planned, hospital officials and relatives said. Shahid Mohammed, Shahroz’s father, said: “His full body is damaged, his chest, stomach, head and legs are hurt.

“The doctors want more time before any operation. He needs to heal more for another operation. He will be here for another two to three weeks at least. Shahroz was looking forward to going home to Karachi, but this summer there is no chance,” he said.

Doctors have advised Aslam’s relatives that he requires more than a month’s bed rest before they can decide whether he needs surgery on his back injury.

“He is still in pain because his bones are cracked due to all of his fractures,” said Alam Basha, Aslam’s father.

The boys’ families said they believe the multiple fractures were caused by the bus running over them. “If the bus had just hit the boys, it would have been different,” said Ansari Baig, Aslam’s uncle. “They were knocked down and then the wheels went over the boys, that’s why they are so badly hurt.”

Police have not released the details of the accident.

The driver was arrested immediately after the incident. No details were available on any charges.