Public Transport Buses

The Public Bus Transport system in Dubai is operated by the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) and consists of 734 peak bus schedules which are run on 79 bus routes covering over 264,000 km on certain working days. Service volumes are adjusted accordingly on Fridays and public holidays to meet with passenger demand.

Well over 300,000 passengers per day use the Dubai public transport system and the bus routes themselves serve an area of 4,110 square km within the Emirate of Dubai.

The majority of buses in Dubai have a total passenger capacity of 61 which are made up of 51 seats and room for 10 standing passengers. The bus fleet is maintained at two high-tech bus depots located in Al Qusais and Al Awir.

The Dubai bus transport infrastructure includes 9 well-attended bus stations, over 1860 bus stops, 1302 wayside passenger shelters and point timetables at 500 busy bus stops.

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