Dubai Airport to operate only family-size taxis



Dubai transport authorities have announced plans to deploy only the seven-seater family-size taxis at the emirate’s airports.

The move comes under the overall endeavours to raise customer satisfaction rating and responding to customer needs and aspirations, said a top official at Dubai Taxi Corporation.

“Naturally Dubai airports receive passenger bags of various sizes, so the move to unifying the types of taxicabs deployed in Dubai airports to be the family van will better meet the requirements of customers,” remarked Mohammed Yousef Salih, the director of fleet operations at the DTC.

“The service was well received as it meets the needs of all passengers arriving via Dubai airports, thus playing a key role in ensuring their smooth transit to various destinations across the UAE,” he noted.

The idea of unifying the types of taxicabs deployed in Dubai airports was initiated by Mustafa Mustafa Shalabi, the senior executive of Special Services at DTC in view of his daily work and direct involvement with arriving passengers, grasping a rising demand for family size taxi vans in Dubai airports. More info