Dubai Award for Sustained Transport categories foster healthy and sustained environment



From inception, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has set a number of priorities and strategic objectives which play a pivotal and crucial role in nurturing a healthy and sustained environment, and foster a community fulfilling the ingredients of success in all economic, service, health and tourist sectors among others; which together form the key pillars of prosperity and decent life for all members of the community.

Dr. Khalid Al Zahid, Chairperson of the Dubai Award for Sustained Transport (DAST).
Dr. Khalid Al Zahid, Chairperson of the Dubai Award for Sustained Transport (DAST).

Commenting on the above, Dr. Khalid Al Zahid, Chairperson of the Dubai Award for Sustained Transport (DAST), said, “DAST is considered one of the initiatives that receive much attention from the RTA which is keen on developing and broadening its scope to keep pace with the development seen by the UAE in all fields. The Awards also reflect RTA’s continuous efforts to make effective contribution towards building the future of Dubai and boosting the efforts of other RTA partners in the Emirate.”

Al Zahid added, “Based on the successes made by the Award over the last three editions, the Higher Organizing Committee has opted to broaden the scope of the Award to cover all Emirates of the UAE instead of being restricted only to Dubai Emirate in order to open up more opportunities for the biggest number of government and semi-government entities as well as private businesses operating in the UAE to take part and contribute to the achievement of the noble objectives of the Awards.”

“The Awards comprise now five categories namely; Mobility Management and Regulation, Conserving the Environment, Transport Safety, Transport Requirements of Special Needs Persons, and School Transport. The Awards also include two special awards offered to the Best Academic Research in this field, and Best Media Coverage of the Award Activities,” added Al Zahid.

Award Categories:

Mobility Management and Regulation
This category aims to attract initiatives and practices that have contributed to reducing the number of trips made by private vehicles, eliminated the need to make trips using private vehicles, raised the use of public and private mass transit modes, or improved the mobility level of special needs persons.

Conserving the Environment
It covers initiatives and practices that led to reducing levels and effects of air pollution resulting from various transport means, or reducing the levels and effects of noise generated by various transport means.

Transport Safety
It covers initiatives and practices that have directly or indirectly contributed to raising the safety level of transport means users, vehicles or transport facilities.

Transport Requirements of Special Needs Persons
This category relates to initiatives and practices that have contributed directly or indirectly to easing the mobility of special needs persons and enhancing their integration in the community through providing them with comfortable transport means. It also includes initiatives and practices that led to the implementation of the standards and specifications set for special needs transport means and facilities.

School Transport
This category enables managements of schools and companies engaged in this sector to be competitive and prove their abilities and potentials in boosting the school transport; which is a key component of public transport; considering the role it plays in the life of students of various age groups.

Among the additions introduced by the RTA in this Award, two Special Awards have been added; the Best Media Coverage: aimed to spread the awareness of the Award at all official, practical and social levels; and the Best Academic Research Category in the field of sustained transport; which is capable of bringing about solutions to effectively boost the development and concept of all categories of sustained transport.