Dubai Bus Trips Increase



WAM Dubai, 27th Sept. 2011 (WAM) — Actual trips made by public buses in Dubai during the period from 1 January up to 31 August this year have shown an increase as high as 99% per cent against 98% during the same period last year.

The Operation Control Center at the Public Transport Agency of the Roads ‘&’ Transport Authority (RTA) controls all the intelligent systems used to monitor and control the daily movement of buses all over Dubai Emirate, stated Adel Shakiri, Director of Transportation Systems at Public Transport Agency.

“Bus adherence to timetables has exceeded 80% for the first time during the period in question whereas it was 70% during the same period last year; which gives an indicator of the improvement made and ultimately reflects on the overall improvement of services rendered to public bus commuters.

“The number of actual trips made through the end of August 2011 reached about 216,000 trips in which 8.2 million passengers were lifted to different destinations across Dubai Emirate. 10 inquiries were received from the public whereas no complaints were received from the public in this regard,” continued Shakiri.

“This improvement is attributed to the steps taken by the Transportation Systems Dep’t, in collaboration with other departments of the Agency, in examining the means of enhancing bus adherence to schedules which is a key component of upgrading the service, and sorting out all obstacles standing in the way of improving the performance of public buses,” added Shakiri.

“RTA public buses have a crucial role to play in the integration of mass transit modes in Dubai Emirate including the metro and marine transport means through addressing a host of parameters like service punctuality, service frequency (headway), safety ‘&’ comfort, and sophisticated technologies on board such as the advanced air-conditioning systems, and display monitors among others,” concluded the Director of Transportation Systems.