Dubai buses to get child seats: RTA studies proposal


By Shafaat Shahbandari, Staff Reporter

Dubai: Child seats could soon be a common sight on buses if a proposal is given the go-ahead.

A move to install them on public buses is under study and, if approved, every Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) bus will have at least one child seat.

A private firm, Babykish, distributors of Graco baby products in the GCC, has made the proposal and is currently working with the RTA on testing the installations.

“We have done the preliminary tests with different types of seats that we have on various RTA buses and one of our products fits perfectly on all the buses. The RTA has asked me for minor changes to the belts, which we are working on right now. Once we fix the belts and do the tests again, I think we should be ready to roll,” said Hamid Reza Ahmadi, CEO of Dubai-based firm Babykish, which is running a ‘one seat for a child’ campaign. More info