Dubai Refreshments Company cools public bus passengers for the 4th consecutive summer



Dubai Refreshments Company P.S.C. (DRC), the sole franchisee, manufacturer and distributor of Pepsi-Cola Products in Dubai and Northern Emirates, has once again launched its campaign to distribute 105,000 bottles of cold mineral water to passengers of public buses from 3rd of June until 3rd of July 2011.

For the fourth successive year, DRC teams up with the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) to help the public quench their thirst and rehydrate as temperatures rise.

Mr. Tarek El Sakka, DRC General Manager said, “DRC is pleased to be of service to the community once again this summer, and is delighted to be in partnership with RTA for the fourth consecutive year.”

Mr. Furat Al Amri, Buses Director of RTA’s Public Transport Agency hailed this gesture, “We welcome DRC’s initiative and their continuous commitment to the RTA water distribution campaign. Their dedication reflects the company’s concern for the commuting public and to the community as a whole. We are always keen to make public bus journeys a safer and more comfortable environment and therefore welcome any initiative that helps us get closer to fully achieving this objective.”

DRC has remained at the forefront of the UAE refreshments industry, continually expanding through major investment in the latest bottling technology complemented by the highest levels of Quality Management. The Company has recently announced the start of construction of its new mega factory, which is set to become one of the biggest bottling plants in the MENA region, spanning over 140,000 sq. meters, with the capacity to produce over 120 million cases annually. This plant will adopt environmentally friendly initiatives to improve energy efficiency, water conservation, and reduce waste and pollution. The plant will embrace earth friendly processes, which will help protect the environment and improve employee productivity via elevating the Indoor Environmental quality.