Dubai to get 400 more AC bus shelters


By Majorie van Leijen

If you are still among the unlucky ones departing from a bus station that comprises nothing more than the information board on the side of the road, chances are that change is coming your way.

The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) will soon develop 400 locations in its second phase of the AC bus shelter project.

Currently, there are 656 bus shelters around Dubai, aimed at sheltering travellers waiting for bus.

Be it rain during the winter months, or extreme heat during summer, sheltered bus stops do not seem a luxury in Dubai. However, a considerable number of locations lack the facility of a sheltered bus stop, and passengers have no choice but to wait in the open air.

According to the RTA, all bus stops in Dubai will eventually be provided with the facility of an air-conditioned bus shelter, an ambition requiring 1,200 additional bus shelters at this point.

Although this ambition has been expressed several times, little evidence can be seen of the plan coming to action. However, the first 400 bus shelters should materialise soon, if we go by the statements that have been made regarding the project.

“We will build 1,200 new bus shelters, and this will be done in three phases. Currently, we are looking at the installment of the first 400 bus shelters,” said Mohammed Al Ali, Director of Bus, RTA. More info