Emirates: new Dubai business & first class airport shuttle buses


By John Walton  www.ausbt.com.au

Business travellers fed up of getting stuck at the back of the bus when their plane parks on the tarmac away from the terminal will be keen on Emirates’ new business and first class shuttles.

The 41 new vehicles mean that passengers paying a premium for the expensive seats don’t have to hang around on the hot concrete waiting for everyone else to get off the plane before the bus heads for the terminal.

Instead, the shuttles will give business and first class passengers a head start over economy passengers when it comes to pelting towards the terminal — and, if you’re on a short connection in Dubai, it’ll mean a less stressful “will I make the plane” experience.

At other airports, since business and first class passengers are usually off the plane first, it’s an awkward choice of staking out and defending a spot near the door to be first off, or ending up squashed into a corner and being last off.

Not a great way to end your otherwise comfortable and pleasant flight — especially with the bus doors open to Dubai’s blisteringly hot air.

Emirates has stumped up the equivalent of A$19 million for the 26 business class shuttles and 15 first class transports. First class passengers will enjoy one of 43 Mercedes E-Class cars or 20 Viano vans to whisk them across the tarmac. More info