Female drivers caused less
road accidents


By Amira Agarib  www.khaleejtimes.com

Female drivers caused 10.4 per cent of accidents on Dubai roads in 2010 while male drivers were involved in 1,239 accidents, which represented 89.6 per cent, causing 144 deaths and 1867 serious injuries. This was revealed by Major-General Mohammed Saif Al Zafin, Director of the Dubai Traffic Department, during a press conference.

Dubai busAccording to the statistics, drivers in their 20s caused most of the accidents (650), which resulted in 72 deaths and 75 injuries. Drivers in their 30s were involved in 414 accidents causing 44 deaths while drivers in their forties caused 142 traffic accidents resulted in 11 deaths. More aged drivers, who are in their 50s, caused 116 traffic accidents resulted 12 deaths. Interestingly, drivers below the age of 19 caused 104 accidents, which resulted in eight deaths and 12 injuries.

Al Zafin said that 246 accidents were caused by less-experienced drivers who got licence within an year. Only eight accidents were caused by drivers with more than 15 years of experience on the road. Drivers without licences caused 49 accidents, resulting in seven deaths, he said.  A classification according to nationality revealed that Indian drivers stood top in accidents as they were involved in 312 accidents causing 40 deaths. As many as 35 Indians were killed in traffic accidents and 577 Indians including 57 females sustained injuries. Al Zafin said that Pakistani drivers caused 294 accidents resulted in 24 deaths while UAE nationals who involved in 290 accidents that resulted in 32 deaths. He said six children died in accidents last year while 144 of them in the age group of 1-15 were injured.

Emirates Ring Road turned out to be the most dangerous road, which witnessed 23 deaths, followed by Shaikh Zayed Road, where 15 accident deaths were reported.

Private cars were involved in 866 accidents, causing 90 deaths and motorcycles caused 90 deaths in 866 accidents. Heavy trucks caused 98 accidents responsible for 15 deaths and mini buses caused 81 accidents resulting in 11 deaths.

Taxis in Dubai caused 76 accidents resulting in 4 deaths and public transport buses were involved in 36 accidents.

Al Zafin said reasons for the accidents varied from not leaving enough gap between vehicles and driving under the influence of alcohol to sudden U-turns and jumping traffic signals.

Reckless driving and  over speeding also were reported as reasons which caused accidents, he said.