Gang of bus thieves arrested in Sharjah


By Essam Hamam

SHARJAH: The Criminal Investigation Department at the headquarters of the Sharjah Police arrested a gang consisting of eight Arabs, including an owner of a shop selling second-hand autoparts.

The suspects stole a number of buses and smuggled them abroad, after dismantling them.

The Sharjah Police received a number of complaints reporting theft of a number of buses form different areas in the emirate, including one owned by a hotel.

During investigations, the police suspected four persons, including the owner of a second-hand autoparts shop. The police arrested them and they were questioned.

They admitted that they dismantled the stolen buses. According to their statements, it was shown that they purchased them from one person, who was found later that he was in touch with the driver of the hotel’s bus.

The police arrested the driver and he confessed that he colluded with that person and gave him the key of the bus.

The latter made a duplicate key and returned it to the driver.

The driver then informed the hotel that the bus was stolen.

Through the interrogations of the suspects and their confessions, the police came to know a criminal network consisting of eight people. It was also found that dismantling the buses were done by the mentioned shop and then they put them in containers.

Subsequently, the suspects were detained and referred to the Public Prosecution of the Sharjah.