Ignoring inspections of tyres could be fatal: RTA


By a staff reporter  www.gulftoday.ae

DUBAI: The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has called on motorists, particularly those travelling far distances on international highways, to carry out continuous tyre inspection of their vehicles’ tires to ensure that they are proper.

The call was made by the Director of Traffic, RTA Traffic and Roads Agency, Engineer Hussain Al Banna at the conclusion of the Tire Safety campaign which was launched in coordination with Michelin Tires early last month at RTA Customer Service Centres of Al Barsha, Deira and Umm Al Ramool.

Al Banna also called on motorists not to ignore inspection of tyres or changing defective ones before setting off on their travels.

He further cautioned against buying or fitting used tires stating that tire-related accidents were in most cases fatal, “especially when coupled with high speed since the driver could lose control and the vehicle might overturn.”

He revealed that the first quarter of this year witnessed five traffic accidents triggered by tire explosion but fortunately these accidents resulted in no fatalities this year whereas last year the same number of accidents reported resulted in one fatality.

The expert said the driver could identify the appropriate pressure of the tire from the number that appears besides the expression (Max Press); which means the maximum inner air pressure of the tire, or from the label affixed near the driver’s door.

“The letter written beside the word temperature refers to tire heat resistance which has to be (A) in order to suit the high temperature level prevailing in various Emirates of the UAE.”

“It is imperative to check the air pressure at least every two weeks preferably in the morning when tires are cool or after the vehicle stops for at least two hours.”