New directory of ads aligned with best traffic practises



THE new Directory of Outdoor Ads has been endorsed by the Dubai Municipality, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and the Dubai Police.

Dubai taxiPlacing of the aerial ads “will be subjected to a string of standards and various conditions and that these ads have to be placed at specific areas in such a way that they do not undermine the traffic safety,” said the authorities.

In a meeting held between the RTA and DM last week, they said the code for outdoor ads “has been aligned with the best global practices in the field of advertising as well as the realities of ad market in Dubai, and oriented to the highest traffic safety levels.”

“The directory has been managed in a way that ads would enrich the aesthetic appearance of the road, and it has added new types of ads such as the digital monitors, ads in the entry points of Dubai, ads on the parking machines and the identity ads of businesses at the commercial and industrial areas.”

Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the RTA, Mattar AL Tayer, said after the meeting, “It has now become mandatory to seek the Dubai Municipality’s approval for placing engineering models on flyovers and approval of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and the Dubai Police in respect of aerial ads.”

Al Tayer thanked the Director General of the municipality, H. Lootah for the co-operation and the ongoing co-ordination with the RTA on various issues of common concern. He said that such co-ordination had streamlined and facilitated several processes helping customers clear their transactions in a smooth and speedy manner.

“These meetings are in line with a memorandum of understanding signed between the RTA and the municipality to boost the existing strategic partnerships in an effective and institutional manner that raises it to new heights, serves all community segments and reflects positively on the economic and social development drive in the emirate.”

In the same meeting both bodies agreed to allocate a specific area on the Dubai-Hatta Road for driving quad bikes in order to ensure a safe environment for the enthusiasts of this hobby in co-ordination with the Dubai Police General Headquarters.

Through its inspectors, the RTA will monitor the compliance of quad bikers with the safety and security stipulations and enforce Quad Bikes Licensing Regulation, which vested the Licensing Agency with the authority of enforcing actions and offences made in breach of the provisions of the Order within the licensed areas, whereas the Dubai Police will accountable for the enforcement measures outside the scope of licensed areas.

The meeting discussed the drainage of rainwater on the main roads.