Public Transport Day: Enjoy a free ride in Dubai today


    By Lily B. LIbo-on

    The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is ready to deploy its crowd management team to assist an expected huge crowd that will be taking the free ride in the Dubai Metro, water taxis and public buses today, the Public Transport Day.

    Dr Yousif Mohammed Al Ali, CEO of  the RTA’s Public Transport Agency, said today, the crowd will be going more out of Dubai. “Since the Public Transport Day falls on Friday, the intercity trips to other emirates will be overcrowded. It will increase by approximately 10 per cent as experienced on a Friday.”

    More than 100 volunteers have been mobilised for the Public Transport Day to support the transport marathon, and manage and control the crowd. “Police, security and other logistics will also be there. We have allocated parking places in different areas, including one behind The Dubai Mall for those who are coming to the events at the Burj Plaza from 4pm to almost midnight.”

    Dubai Metro will be open from the regular time of 1pm to midnight, but hordes of Nol cardholders are expected to increase by 10 per cent, which will include 74 teams participating in the public transport marathon by 4pm. Participants will all be taking public buses, Dubai Metro and water taxis to win. More info