RTA revises public transport tariff


By Shafaat Shahbandari, Staff Reporter  www.gulfnews.com

Dubai: The fares for public transport in Dubai have been revised and will come into effect on November 11, coinciding with the launch of Dubai Tram.

Covering all modes of transport, including Dubai Metro, buses and Dubai Tram, the revision sees a slight increase in fares across all zones and all types of Nol cards.

The new minimum fare for Silver Nol card users on public transport, including the Dubai Metro, will be Dh3 for a ride within one zone as well as for a distance of up to 3 kilometres even between two adjacent zones. Currently, the minimum fare is Dh1.8 for a short trip up to 3 kilometres within one zone, while a trip covering a single zone is Dh2.3.

“We have seen that a lot of people had an issue with the existing structure when they travelled for short distances between adjacent zones. Some people work on the edge of one zone and live just right across the next zone. In the existing system they have to pay for two zones for travelling just a couple of kilometres. In the new fare structure we have done away with that, keeping in mind the sentiments of people,” said Abdullah Al Madani, CEO of Corporate Technical Support Services Sector at RTA. More info