RTA starts trial operation of CNG-powered bus on internal route


Source:  www.rta.ae

RTA’s Public Transport Agency announced that it would start a trial operation of a bus powered by compressed natural gas on an internal route in Dubai.

2The step is a further manifestation of RTA’s drive to use a clean, environment-friendly fuel, which would be of benefit to the public health, and support the government efforts in this field. The experiment is aligned with the vision of: A Green Economy for a Sustainable Development set out by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President, Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, as part of the UAE Vision 2021.

The announcement has been made during the signing of a MoU between RTA’s Public Transport Agency and United Motors and Heavy Equipment Company. Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, CEO of Public Transport Agency the MoU for RTA and signed for the Company Khalifa Saif Darwish, CEO of the United Motors, the approved dealer of MAN trucks, owner of the bus, and supplier of CNG-powered buses.

“This experiment is also in line with RTA’s strategy of broadening and improving sustainable transit means, which have minimal impacts on the environment and public health,” said Abdullah Al Maazami, Director of Maintenance & Service cum Head of Trials Governance Team at RTA Public Transport Agency.

“Though RTA uses best-in-class fuel type in the world with a minimal sulfur content, and sets out the highest international stipulations for emissions rates in its buses, it is also in constant pursuit of the best and safest mass transit means as far as environmental sustainability is concerned.

“From an engineering perspective, CNG-powered engines are more robust and durable compared with other engines powered by fossil fuel such as diesel and petrol. Natural gas reduces the need for maintenance due to its clean combustion. It is also lighter than air, which means it will be immediately driven upwards in case of a leakage or accident. Therefore, it won’t cause burning or explosion in the vehicle, besides reducing the engine noise by as much as 30% compared with other traditional engines,” added Al Maazami.

It is noteworthy that the trial operation will continue for 12 months during which the bus will be operating on one public bus route. It will be operating over 300 km without requiring gas refueling during, which specialist engineers of Public Transport Agency will monitor the operational performance, and assess the efficiency of the bus under various operational conditions. More info