School transport in Dubai is safe, RTA says



Dubai: Parents are being called on to stop the school run and let their children take the school bus.

School buses in Dubai adhere to the highest safety standards, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) says. As many as 131,000 pupils in Dubai use school buses daily, served by more than 5,000 buses.

According to the RTA, no school buses have been involved in any major accident over the past four years, adhering to the highest safety standards implemented by the authority. Consequently there haven’t been any casualties in the same period.

“Using buses is beneficial for everyone, including parents and children. Travelling by bus children are more likely to reach schools and home on time. There will be fewer traffic jams, which could result from parents using their personal cars, which will also mean there will be less pollution,” said Tareq Al Gaith, Director of Franchise and Monitoring at the RTA’s Public Transport Agency.

“The RTA is always searching for the best means that ensure the provision of security and safety for students as they constitute a major part of our responsibility. Therefore, we are working hard to set the stipulations and specifications for all components of school transport, such as the interior and chassis of buses, the driver, the school, the attendant as well as the inspector,” Al Gaith added.

The RTA is currently working on upgrading the specifications and regulations for school transport which were first issued in 2008. More info