Security enhanced on Dubai school buses


By Shuchita Kapur

Following the allegations of misbehaviour with a girl some months back on a school bus of a prominent institution, security has finally been enhanced by the transport authority, School Transport Services, (STS) on all its vehicles.

According to a circular issued to parents by Gems, STS has installed cameras on all its busses.” While it was a long drawn process, it was well worth the wait. The cameras are tamperproof and the GPS tracking system is closely monitored by the STS control room. The large buses have three active cameras while the mini buses have two,” said the circular.

Furthermore, curtains in the bus have been done away with and replaced with 3M film. However, “I must admit that feedback from our staff and students has indicated that there is a measure of discomfort on account of there being no curtains, and the return journey may not be as cool as the morning trip, but this is in the best interest of all and is stipulated by law,” the principal of Dubai Modern High school said in the circular.

Lastly, there are maids on all the kindergarten buses instead of the male conductors, as was demanded by the parents, the circular stated. As per the administration, suitable maids have been procured with all the relevant clearances.