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Racegoers urged to use buses to get to Abu Dhabi Grand...

By Ramona Ruiz ABU DHABI // Racegoers are being encouraged to use free park-and-ride bus services to get to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on...

A better ride to work

For instance, bus riders going to Musaffah from Dubai must first come into Abu Dhabi. That takes two hours. They then must take bus No 100 to reach Musaffah, which takes 20 to 30 minutes. Better would be a direct bus from Shahama to Mohammed Bin Zayed City, or even direct buses from Dubai.

Mawaqif could use more explanation

Few words raise blood pressure in Abu Dhabi quite as dramatically as "Mawaqif". The capital's paid-parking system, less than two years old and still expanding, has upset a lot of people, to judge by our letters-to-the-editor files and the anecdotal accounts that every driver seems to have.

Sharjah Transport Corporation (STC)

A new bus station, new community facilities and a park designed like a maze are part of the newly unveiled master plan for the Shahama and Bahia neighbourhoods. The first to be developed by the Urban Planning Council (UPC) in line with the capital's Vision 2030 plan, the revitalisation project will ensure that the outlying communities meet the Government's vision for the emirate.