Friday, January 27, 2023
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Woman bus conductor stabbed to death outside Dubai school

A female bus conductor of an Indian school in Dubai was stabbed to death in broad daylight just outside the school gate on Thursday morning.

All buses, trucks in UAE to have mandatory speed limiters: MoI

Reports suggest that the UAE Ministry of Interior has accepted a proposal by the Emirates Authority for Standardisation & Metrology (Esma) to make speed limiters mandatory for all commercial vehicles.

Double-check your NOL swipe as you check-in on Dubai buses

Divya, an Indian resident of Dubai was not aware of any wrongdoing, when she used her NOL card to pay for her bus trip. She even swiped her card twice; as she had not heard the confirming 'beep' that she was expecting to hear when she tried to check in the first time.

Dh1 million sought for boy injured in school bus accident

The family of a teenage boy who was severely injured when a school bus ran over him last year has filed a lawsuit seeking up to Dh1 million. Ali Sultan, a lawyer for the family of Shahroz Khan, 14, said they would be suing the school, its insurance company and the bus driver.

The original Routemaster lives on – in Dubai

Brought to Dubai in 2004 by British expat Emma Dubois, the bus is now being used for parties, events and corporate advertising in the UAE. But, while Dubois cut off the roof to allow al fresco parties on the top deck, maintaining such an old piece of machinery in the extremes of the Dubai climate hasn’t been without its challenges.

'Horrific' 32-car pile-up in Dubai fog injures 14 people

Sixteen people have been injured and two cars were gutted by fire in a 32-car pile-up this morning on Dubai Bypass Road. Brigadier Omar Abdullah Abdul Aziz Al Shamsi of Dubai Police said the dense fog and high speeds caused the accident.

Man convicted of bus theft

A man who stole a bus, forged its ownership certificate and sold it was sentenced this morning in absentia to a year in prison. The 20-year-old Pakistani MS was convicted of theft at night, forging a copy of an official document and forging the stamp of the Roads and Transport Authority.