Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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RTA captures 878 passengers evading bus fares in 2017

RTA's Public Transport Agency confirmed that a number of malpractices amongst public bus riders reduced in January and February of this year compared to...

Driverless cars: How technology is revving up the future of driving

It may sound like something out of a James Bond movie: you sit in the back seat of your car, shout out the name...

Hyperloop, self-driving cars, 3D organ printing to pioneer future of Dubai

With 2,274 applications from 73 countries and less than two per cent of them making the final cut, the Dubai Future Accelerators has announced...

Dubai unveils its first driverless bus service

Dubai has unveiled its first driverless bus service, launching a month-long trial period for the electric vehicle with a view to expanding it across...

Driverless taxi firm calls UAE ideal test ground

DUBAI // A US software company testing a robot taxi service in Singapore says the UAE would be an ideal testing ground for its...