Friday, January 27, 2023
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New directory of ads aligned with best traffic practises

THE new Directory of Outdoor Ads has been endorsed by the Dubai Municipality, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and the Dubai Police. Placing of the aerial ads “will be subjected to a string of standards and various conditions and that these ads have to be placed at specific areas in such a way that they do not undermine the traffic safety,” said the authorities.

Fans set to descend on Meydan

Record crowds are expected as the anticipation builds towards the Dubai World Cup, just five days away. Frank Gabriel Jr, CEO of the Dubai Racing Club, has his fingers crossed the punters will flock to the Meydan Racecourse and has also promised better transport after the meeting.

RTA urges use of 'dashboard' online service

RTA has urged its customers to make maximum use of its online 'dashboard' service, where in they can access all services required on a single screen. It's basically a single window from where you can shop everything that is available with us.

Carpooling, Awselni pick up in Dubai

THE carpooling or Sharekni arrangement allowing private cars to transport people after they are registered with authorities is “gaining popularity,” revealed a senior official at the Dubai’s transportation authority. Carpooling or Sharekni is the shared use of a car especially for commuting to work and often by people who each have a car but travel together to save cost, and in a way promote other socio-environmental benefits.