Thursday, July 7, 2022
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Dubai buses to get child seats: RTA studies proposal

Child seats could soon be a common sight on buses if a proposal is given the go-ahead. A move to install them on public buses is under study and, if approved, every Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) bus will have at least one child seat.

The original Routemaster lives on – in Dubai

Brought to Dubai in 2004 by British expat Emma Dubois, the bus is now being used for parties, events and corporate advertising in the UAE. But, while Dubois cut off the roof to allow al fresco parties on the top deck, maintaining such an old piece of machinery in the extremes of the Dubai climate hasn’t been without its challenges.

Increase in Nol card use reflects swell in public transport users

“More than one million different transactions are recorded on a daily basis by various types of Nol cards; which means that the number of public transport users, especially the metro, is constantly going up and the culture of using public transport systems in Dubai is spreading among various segments of the community.