Thursday, July 7, 2022
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The big bus tour in Dubai tips its hat to the...

Londoners on flights to Dubai can rekindle a bit of the capital's spirit by taking a big bus tour once you get to the "one stop city". The big bus tour takes people all around the entire city of Dubai so by the time it's over, they have a really in-depth knowledge of where to go and what to do.

UAE on the move

It won’t be long before the UAE has one of the most advanced mass transit systems in the world. The decision to expand the rail network is indicative of how swiftly the Metro has now become a part of daily life and totally vindicates the decision to go in for it.

250 KpH Superbus Between Abu Dhabi and Dubai

First presented at the 2009 World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, Antonia Terzi’s Superbus has since evolved from an eco-friendly and convenient idea, to a fully manifested electric superbus. The sleek shuttle bus destined to run between Abu Dhabi and Dubai in only 30 minutes.

Superbus to slash Dubai to Abu Dhabi run to 30 minutes

The commute between Abu Dhabi and Dubai may be slashed to 30 minutes if the inventors of an electric “superbus” have their way. The Superbus concept, the work of an astronaut and a former Formula One aerodynamics expert, will be showcased at the Commercial Vehicles Middle East trade event in Dubai from March 14.