UAE nationals to be offered free parking permits


By Andy Sambidge

UAE nationals who own properties within current paid parking zones in Dubai are to be given free permits, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) said on Sunday.

Dubai parkingThe RTA said it has developed a parking fee exemption system (L category) for Emiratis who would be allocated free parking permits depending on the size of the property they own.

Maitha bin Udai, CEO of RTA Traffic & Roads Agency, said one permit would be issued to the occupant of a one- bedroom flat or studio, two permits would be issued for a two-bedroom flat and so one.

A further parking schemes will see Emiratis who live in villas and houses in high parking-occupancy areas being given the opportunity to book a parking slot near their house, she said.

The parking space will be marked with a yellow frame and the number of the property will be written inside it.

A V-category permit will be issued and has to be displayed inside the vehicle occupying the parking space.

“Any vehicle that uses such reserved parking without the permit affixed will be issued with a ticket,” she said.

She added that the RTA’s decision to implement the parking scheme came in response to requests from Emirati customers living in properties within high parking-occupancy areas.

A statement from the RTA said applicants for a V-category permit must be a UAE national who lives in a  house or villa only (not an apartment) located in a high parking-occupancy residential area.

Applicants for L category free parking permits must also be UAE nationals living in the vicinity of the paid parking zones in Dubai.